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Can anyone else reproduce this 'bug'

I'm running emacs 24 out of git - which lacks bzr by about a day
or so. Iam not able to reproduce this -- this is on Jaunty  --
only difference Ican think of is pulseaudio vs alsa -- Iam using
alsa exclusively. But that would not behave differently based on
major-mode. I'm mystefied.

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <tcross@une.edu.au> writes:
    Tim> Hi All, I've found an interesting bug, which I've not
    Tim> yet investigated, but wanted to know if anyone else can
    Tim> reproduce it. Below is a description and a recipie. I'm
    Tim> running the latest emacspeak from svn, emacs24 from bzr
    Tim> and Outloud on a 32 bit ubuntu 11.04 running xfce.
    Tim> Description ============
    Tim> In some situations, lines of text are being cut off an
    Tim> not spoeken completely. This seems most reproducible
    Tim> with lines that start with a number and when you are in
    Tim> text mode. It does not appear to occur in all modes.
    Tim> Recipie to reproduce ====================
    Tim> Switch to the scratch buffer and issue the command M-x
    Tim> text-mode
    Tim> Put the following lines of text in the
    Tim> buffer. Essentially, each line starts with a number and
    Tim> a period, followed by text that says "This is line x"
    Tim> where x is the number at the start of the line. Note
    Tim> that the period following the number is important.
    Tim> 0. This is line 0
    Tim> 1. this is line 1
    Tim> 2. This is line 2
    Tim> 3. This is line 3
    Tim> 4. This is line 4
    Tim> 5. This is line 5
    Tim> 6. This is line 6
    Tim> 7. This is line 7
    Tim> 8. This is line 8
    Tim> 9. This is line 9
    Tim> 10. This is line 10
    Tim> Start at the top and move the cursor down, either by
    Tim> using the arrow keys or by using C-n.
    Tim> When I do this, line 2 just says 2 dot with none of the
    Tim> following text i.e. "This is line 2". The same happens
    Tim> with line 8. Only 8 dot is spoken and the text "THis is
    Tim> line 8" is truncated. Using page up/down and other
    Tim> commands which speak whole chunks does seem to
    Tim> work. Initially, I was not able to produce this in
    Tim> fundamental mode (i.e. what the scratch buffer is in by
    Tim> default), but when I issue M-x fundamental-mode to
    Tim> switch the scratch buffer back from text mode, I noticed
    Tim> that it now also fails to speak lines 2 and 8 correctly.
    Tim> Another oddity I've noticed is that when I type C-n to
    Tim> indicate the command Control n, the 'n' is not spoken
    Tim> until I hit space. If I hit period, the n is never
    Tim> spoken, I just hear C dash dot. I've noticed other such
    Tim> issues from time to time, but this is the first example
    Tim> I could reproduce really easily. I plan to investigate
    Tim> further, but wanted to see if others have observed this
    Tim> as well and find out what versions of emacs, what speech
    Tim> server and what emacspeak version they are using first
    Tim> to narrow down the search area.
    Tim> Tim
    Tim> -- Tim Cross Information Technology University of New
    Tim> England Phone: +61 2 6773 3210 Mobile: 0428 212217 Fax:
    Tim> +61 2 6773 3424 E-Mail: tcross@une.edu.au Web:
    Tim> http://www.une.edu.au/itd --- Please avoid sending me
    Tim> Word or PowerPoint attachments.  See
    Tim> http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/no-word-attachments.html
    Tim> Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more
    Tim> violent. It takes a touch of genius (and a lot of
    Tim> courage) to move in the opposite direction.  âAlbert
    Tim> Einstein
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Best Regards,

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