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Annoying pitch settings in e-speak with Emacspeak 32


Can anyone please tell me how in the world to lower the overall pitch
for the voice in Emacspeak?  I've installed Emacspeak 34 from source
onto my Vinux 3.2 (modified Ubuntu 11.04) and everything went fine
except for one thing.  The e-speak voice seems to be set at this
annoying high, squeaky pseudogirlie pitch that is driving me
absolutely bonkers!  I have dug around in the settings area for
emacspeak and even tried plowing my way through the e-speak-voices.el
file trying to see if I can locate where I might modify this but with
no success.  I tried changing the e-speak default voice to male 3
which is a lower pitched voice hoping that would help and no cigar.  I
tried renaming the female variants to .old thereby eliminating them
and still no results.  This leads me to believe that there is
something about how e-speak support was implemented which has it set
to a very high pitch.  I imagine changing it involves digging really
deep into the dim recesses of some menu somehwere or calling up some
function or other with m-x with a long name or, *cringe*, I may have
to edit one of the emacs lisp files but I need some guidance so I
don't totally blow it.
Can someone please help before I lose my sanity?   :)

Alex M

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