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Re: Annoying pitch settings in e-speak with Emacspeak 32

On 10/6/11, Jason White <jason@jasonjgw.net> wrote:
> Robert D. Crawford <robdcraw@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I've
>> not used espeak in quite a while but I don't remember the voice being
>> particularly high so there might be another issue at work here.
> I think there is another issue here. I have used Espeak and the pitch of the
> voice
> was not high. In fact, it was close to the default Espeak pitch.
> Have you tried running the speech server by itself, outside of Emacspeak,
> and
> testing it there?

Oh yes, definitely.  It was one of the first things I did, in fact.
NO problems there.  I tried it in interactive mode and with several of
the voices to boot.  NO matter what voice I choose from the default
one to all the variants, they all work as they are supposed to.  Orca
and Speakup work just fine too.  I use E-speak exclusively so, that's
what they use to talk too.  No low pitch, no weirdness with any of
them.  Just Emacspeak.  The voice is the default voice but set to a
very high pitch.  Whenever it tries to honor the voice lock settings
for, say a link or something where it dips down a few pitches, it says
a few syllables at a slightly lower pitch than the high one and hten
the final syllables are said in a male-pitched voice.  It's like
listening to emacspeak with a 14 year old kid's voice when it's
turning from a boy's to a ma
Best regards,n's.
Alex M

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