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Compilation of espeak server for emacspeak35 on Debian Squeeze

A little difficult to tell without any of the error messages, but make sure you
have the espeak-dev package installed. 

Personally, I find it necessary to build espeak from the dev sources and modify
the espeak makefile so that it links against pulseaudio rather than
protaudio. The default debian/ubuntu build is linked against portaudio, which I
find makes espeak more sluggish and unresponsive than necessary. Others have
reported never geting pulsaudio working reliably and I seem to be alone in
this, but it works really well for me (I now use pulsaudio for ViaVoice
outlouad as well and no longer require any .asoundrc file). 

It is very easy to build espeak from the sourceforge sources and would still
recommend that if you find things don't work reliably with the default debian
portaudio version of espeak. In the first instance, just verify you have the
espeak dev package installed and see how you go building the emacspeak espeak
server from there. If you still cannot get it to build, post the error messages
so that we can see what is going on.


Alex Midence writes:
 > Hi, all,
 > I'm running into trouble when I attempt to install Emacspeak from
 > source on my Debian Squeeze installation.  I've grabbed the source
 > packages from svn after installing Emacs 23.2, running apt-get
 > build-dep emacspeak, and installing tcl8.4 and tclx8.4.  I then run
 > the different make commands to build and install emacspeak.  Then,
 > when I go in to the servers subdirectory and go ingo the linux-espeak
 > directory within it, I hit a brick wall when I run make and make
 > install.
 > The g++ compiler seems to encounter errors at every turn.  I don't
 > think tclx is running properly to judge from the error messages.
 > That, or I'm missing a component.  I didn't have a problem when I
 > installed emacspeak 34 from source and compiled the espeak server on
 > Ubuntu 11.04.  In Squeeze, though, things are not as smooth.  Anyone
 > else run into this problem?
 > I did try and run Emacspeak after typing export DTK_PROGRAM=espeak
 > when I noticed that there's an espeak already in the servers directory
 > and found that it appears in the servers list after typing c-e -d-d
 > but running it gives me the error you get when it is trying to run
 > dectalk.  It says that the speaker is not running or some such thing.
 > Speakup is a poor substitute for a properly working Emacspeak so, I'd
 > like to see what can be done in order to bring this about.
 > Any assistance greatly appreciated.
 > Alex M
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