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Re: Compilation of espeak server for emacspeak35 on Debian Squeeze

I'm not sure you understood what I'm saying.

If you login on a couple consoles, say F1 and F2, Then on F1 you do
something like mplayer somefile.wav, then do Alt-F2, the mplayer
process stops playing. When you go back to Alt-F1 it resumes, just where
it had been interrupted.

So, same permissions.

Yes, I suppose the root access problem might be managed with
permissions, but it should also work over ssh, and doesn't.

T. V. Raman writes:
> I suspect you can fix that permission issue by adding yourself to
> the right group -- it's also a safe guess that you're losing
> perms to the pulseaudio devices when you're not at the console.
> >>>>> "Janina" == Janina Sajka <janina@rednote.net> writes:
>     Janina> Tim Cross writes:
>     >> 
>     >> Personally, I find it necessary to build espeak from the
>     >> dev sources and modify the espeak makefile so that it
>     >> links against pulseaudio rather than protaudio. The
>     >> default debian/ubuntu build is linked against portaudio,
>     >> which I find makes espeak more sluggish and unresponsive
>     >> than necessary. Others have reported never geting
>     >> pulsaudio working reliably and I seem to be alone in this,
>     >> but it works really well for me (I now use pulsaudio for
>     >> ViaVoice outlouad as well and no longer require any
>     >> .asoundrc file).
>     >> 
>     Janina> Interesting. I can see how this could work for
>     Janina> Emacspeak users just as it does for Orca.
>     Janina> 
>     Janina> 
>     Janina> Unfortunately, for those of us who also use Speakup,
>     Janina> pulse audio isn't an option inasmuch as it truncates
>     Janina> audio output as soon as one switches consoles,
>     Janina> e.g. Alt-F2.
>     Janina> 
>     Janina> 
>     Janina> It's actually quite quaint in how it resumes playing
>     Janina> the stream exactly where it was interrupted when you
>     Janina> return to the original console.
>     Janina> 
>     Janina> But there's another reason why I don't see pulseaudio
>     Janina> being acceptable as an adequate solution, namely that
>     Janina> it denies audio device access to root. Go
>     Janina> figure. /dev/vcs* isn't denied to root, but audio
>     Janina> is. May you never see the dreaded "Give root password
>     Janina> for system maintenance."
>     Janina> 
>     Janina> 
>     Janina> Janina
>     Janina> 
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> Best Regards,
> --raman


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