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Re: The great software speech server hunt

If my reading of emacspeak-easy-howto.org file is correct, espeak also 
needs portaudio19 package installed on the machine to work.  I did that 
and though I got espeak working it didn't hang on me.On Sat, 28 Jan 2012, 
Stephen Cagle wrote:

> I am a emacspeak newb, and am looking for a software only speech server. I
> seem to have a few options when it comes to emacspeak.
>    - Fonix software seems to have some form of dectalk for Linux, should I
>    purchase from them here <http://www.speechfxinc.com/dectalk_linux.php>?
>    - espeak can be used, however, my version seems to hang once in a while,
>    and the speech quality is not always good.
>    - eflite is mentioned as a alternative, but I have failed to get it to
>    work.
>    - Finally, via-voice from IBM is mentioned as being available gratis
>    from somewhere, but I cannot figure out where?
> I am running Ubuntu 11.10, should I consider a different version of Linux?
> I understand that there are still some problems with alsa vs. PulseAudio
> and that other versions of Linux have not made the PulseAudio leap of faith.
> Seems like a download area for enumerating all the different software
> speech servers would be very convenient, am I missing something obvious?
> Any help in creating a minimum emacspeak setup would be very appreciated.
> Thank you.

Jude <jdashiel-at-shellworld-dot-net>

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