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Re: The great software speech server hunt

I'm not sufficiently skilled with emacspeak to take this project on 
either.  Too much windows at work if you get my meaning.  I like my 
Linux distributions without g.u.i. starting up on every reboot so 
usually when I install them I forget to put any of the G.U.I. stuff in.  
I have been fully blind from birth and that's why I do better with 
C.L.I. than G.U.I. too acording to a study released a few years ago from 
R.N.I.B. so at work I don't do any more development since everything has 
to be G.U.I. and if the manager types can't click their rodents they 
tend to freak out.

On Sat, 28 Jan 2012, Bill Cox wrote:

> If you are fully blind and new to Linux, I'd recommend a Vinux 3.0.X
> installation.  Hopefully, the Vinux guys, and Luke this time around in
> particular, will knock Vinux 4.0 out of the park, base on Ubuntu
> 12.04.  This will be the next long-term-support release from Ubuntu,
> and these are the best Ubuntu releases for building stable Vinux
> releases.
> I believe Isaac Porat and I will finally release a Windows version of
> speech-hub tomorrow, and I'm in the critical path for releasing it for
> Linux, which should be within a week.  It comes with Svox Pico and
> Mary TTS voices, in addition to espeak, and while I'm biased because
> of my involvement, I think these are the best FOSS voices available,
> and I think speech-hub will be the most stable and reliable speech
> server ever.  It also comes with a voxin driver, so if you have any
> version of voxin installed, it should just work.  Unfortunately, I've
> only written an Orca driver, but I want to write an emacspeak driver.
> If you would be interested in helping me test it, I'll go ahead and
> write it.  I learned the basics of emacspeak, but for the last year,
> I've been mostly in Windows because of what I do at work.  I need a
> skilled emacspeak tester to help me if I am to write an emacspeak
> driver.
> Best regards,
> Bill
> On 1/28/12, Jude DaShiell <jdashiel@shellworld.net> wrote:
> > If my reading of emacspeak-easy-howto.org file is correct, espeak also
> > needs portaudio19 package installed on the machine to work.  I did that
> > and though I got espeak working it didn't hang on me.On Sat, 28 Jan 2012,
> > Stephen Cagle wrote:
> >
> >> I am a emacspeak newb, and am looking for a software only speech server. I
> >> seem to have a few options when it comes to emacspeak.
> >>
> >>    - Fonix software seems to have some form of dectalk for Linux, should I
> >>    purchase from them here <http://www.speechfxinc.com/dectalk_linux.php>?
> >>    - espeak can be used, however, my version seems to hang once in a
> >> while,
> >>    and the speech quality is not always good.
> >>    - eflite is mentioned as a alternative, but I have failed to get it to
> >>    work.
> >>    - Finally, via-voice from IBM is mentioned as being available gratis
> >>    from somewhere, but I cannot figure out where?
> >>
> >> I am running Ubuntu 11.10, should I consider a different version of Linux?
> >> I understand that there are still some problems with alsa vs. PulseAudio
> >> and that other versions of Linux have not made the PulseAudio leap of
> >> faith.
> >>
> >> Seems like a download area for enumerating all the different software
> >> speech servers would be very convenient, am I missing something obvious?
> >> Any help in creating a minimum emacspeak setup would be very appreciated.
> >>
> >> Thank you.
> >>
> >
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