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Re: CLI versus GUI [was "Re: The great software speech server hunt"]

Tim Cross <theophilusx@gmail.com> wrote:
> My biggest frustration with the GUI interface is the common 'dumbing
> down' of GUI based tools. Often, this is done to enable a cleaner and
> easier to use and maintain GUI. It works well while what you need to
> do fits within the preconceived functionality of the designers.
> However, as soon as you need to step outside the defined boundaries,
> things spiral down very fast.

This is the principal reason why I use very few GUI applications regularly. It
is also manifest in the inadequacy of their keyboard interfaces. Compare the
key bindings of Emacs and note how many commands are available from any given

It is also true that T.V. Raman's comparison of the approach taken by
Emacspeak with that of screen readers still stands. Accessibility APIs have a
larger repertoire of roles, states and properties nowadays, but they can't
equal the access which Emacspeak has to the internals of applications.

I agree that the Emacspeak user interface is excellent.

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