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Re: CLI versus GUI [was "Re: The great software speech server hunt"]

Alex Midence <alex.midence@gmail.com> wrote:
> I think I'm most inclined to agree with Christopher.  I also think
> that the GUI can be just as beneficial to a blind user as the cli.
> I use both environments daily and prefer each for different tasks.

Based on my earlier comments, I think the CLI/GUI dichotomy is not a helpful
division with which to frame this discussion.

Emacs, after all, is a GUI application; it's also a console application.

A recent article at Linux Weekly News described a WebKit-based browser which
has a Vi-style keyboard interface - it's undoubtedly a GUI application that
requires X11 to run, but it also possesses a very powerful interface that
should be efficient to use.

It's entirely a matter of user interface design, not a question of whether a
graphical display is required; and, incidentally, console applications are a
superset of command line (i.e., CLI) tools.

I like the editing paradigm which Emacs extends to such a broad diversity of
applications, ranging from file system editing in Dired to instant messaging,
just to mention two examples that differ, on the surface, from document or
code editing.

I ought to stop now before taking the discussion off-topic for the Emacspeak

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