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Re: Questions about server protocol

Tim, good summary, and I can confirm that your sketch is
up-to-date and accurate.

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Cross <theophilusx@gmail.com> writes:
    Tim> Hi Strahinja, yes, they are DECTalk conrol codes you are
    Tim> seeing.
    Tim> As you are delving into the low level speech server
    Tim> stuff and considering a new platform, you will need to
    Tim> use the source code for much of the documentation. The
    Tim> comments are quite good and the code is not that hard to
    Tim> follow. Some points which may make things a bit easier -
    Tim> - The first server for emacspeak was the dectalk. To
    Tim> some extent, the design was originally based on the
    Tim> requirements and functionality of this device. Support
    Tim> for other TTS engines was added later. Therefore,
    Tim> understanding how emacspeak interfaces with the dectalk
    Tim> is a good way to get across the basic architecture.
    Tim> * Look at the dtk-exp and tts-lib.tcl files in the
    Tim> serves directory will give you information on the basic
    Tim> low level tts commands. The tts-lib.tcl file contains
    Tim> common server procedures while TTS engine specific
    Tim> proceudres are in a tts specific file, such as dtk-exp
    Tim> for the dectalk express or espeak for the espeak TTS
    Tim> etc.
    Tim> * There are a number of *-voices.el files in the lisp
    Tim> directory. These files are used to create the specific
    Tim> voice commands for each TTS engine. For example, adding
    Tim> the :xy codes used by the dectalk. If the TTS engine you
    Tim> will be using requires specific excape codes or commands
    Tim> to control voice selection/pitch etc, you will need to
    Tim> implement the API as is done for other TTS engines. You
    Tim> will then need to modify the voice-setup.el file to
    Tim> define/load things for you new server.
    Tim> * The most recent addition to support servers was for
    Tim> the mac. so it could be a good source of current
    Tim> information. Bart and David may be able to help as they
    Tim> will have a more recent and up-to-date knowledge of the
    Tim> architecture than mine, which is a bit fuzzy and out of
    Tim> date.
    Tim> Tim
    Tim> On 16 January 2012 14:09, Strahinja Popovic
    Tim> <stralep@gmail.com> wrote:
    >> All right, I have found answer to my second question -
    >> this is defined in dectalk-voices.el and it seems that
    >> emacspeak thinks that my server is DECTalk...
    >> On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 8:44 PM, Strahinja Popovic
    >> <stralep@gmail.com> wrote:
    >>> Hello everyone!
    >>> This is my first post on this mailing list. I'm currently
    >>> trying to create Emacspeak server on Android platform,
    >>> using platform given TTS engine. I have two problems and
    >>> I hope that you could help me.
    >>> First, in my application log, there is server command
    >>> that I've not been able to find in documentation,
    >>> "tts_sync_state". What should it do?
    >>> Second, in case of "q" command, there are some strange
    >>> arguments, such as "q {[:np ]}". I haven't found what
    >>> this means... Any help?
    >>> Best regards, Strahinja Popovic
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Best Regards,

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