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Re: Updates To Outloud Alsa Server

On 01/03/2012 01:15, T. V. Raman wrote:
I have updated the emacspeak outloud server to use some of the
newer libasound calls -- this may make things better for  some --
it may potentially make things worse, so please test heavily.

I no longer get underrun errors so this is definitely an improvement. However, stopping speech still seems to be a problem. This is easier to demonstrate by running the server directly:

If I queue a long string using the q command and then speak it using d then try to stop it using s then if I do the s almost instantly after the d it stops almost instantly, but if I wait before doing the s then it doesn't stop and speaks the whole string. I put a print statement in the outloud tcl file write at the top of the proc s. In the first case this is obviously printed but in the second case it isn't printed until the whole string has been spoken, which is too late. I don't really understand how the threading works but it seems reasonable to suppose that its somehow getting stuck in a thread and not giving execution back to the main command loop.


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