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Re: Emacspeak on a Mac

OK, the speech server works and if I run emacs with the -nw option,
emacspeak actually works.  the suggested speech rate of 500 is really
slow.  Beginning to wonder if it was accepted as the proper value.  I
will have to look into that further.

My big question now is if I leave off the -nw switch, emacs loads but
leaves me in a GUI environment with the typical mac window buttons,
tool bar and a couple vertical scroll bars.  From here I cannot use
emacspeak at all.  When I press the arrow keys, All I get is VO
speaking escape sequences from the arrow keys being pressed.  Thus I
can only use emacspeak when I specify consol-only mode with -nw.  Is
this the intended way to use emacs on the mac or do I have some config
issues with emacs when it was built?  I used homebrew to install the
latest pull of emacs and followed the suggested options and syntax
from the emacspeak on the mac documentation.

What might I be missing?

On 3/1/12, Steve Holmes <steve@holmesgrown.com> wrote:
> Yes, after running ./mac with output redirected to /dev/null, I was
> able to confirm a good test now.  Didn't realize that 'd' alone would
> force the queued strings to be spoken.  I had been second-guessing
> that command to be Ctrl-D to end the subshell.  Anyway, I can move on
> to better things now.  thanks for the help.
> On Thu, Mar 01, 2012 at 08:32:11AM +1100, Bart Bunting wrote:
>> Hi Steve,
>> The line you paste below, if taken verbatim is incorrect:
>> q {test 1 2 3]
>> should be
>> q {test 1 2 3}
>> Note the right bracket changed to right brace.
>> Additionally the "q" command simply queues the text.  To actualy have it
>> spoken you need to issue the "d" command.
>> As for the output you are seeing, it is most likely due to the debugging
>> being turned on in the script.  Look for debug_level or similar near the
>> top of the mac server.
>> smac is not relevant, it was an older testing version and should be
>> removed from the repo.
>> HTH
>> Bart
>> On Wed, 29 Feb 2012 06:04:03 -0800, Steve Holmes <steve@holmesgrown.com>
>> wrote:
>> > I have a correction to make.  While testing ./mac, I hear the phrase
>> > "emacspeak server" but it turns out I do not hear my input phrase
>> > spoken.  So if I type
>> > q {test 1 2 3]
>> > and hit enter, and if I redirect output messages to /dev/null, I do
>> > not hear this test phrase spoken nor anything else for that matter.  I
>> > was confused by hearing the other messages I wrote about in my
>> > previous messages.
>> >
>> > So... I don't think ./mac is quite working.  I did see another file
>> > called smac in the svn pull from e-mac-speak.  Am I supposed to pull
>> > that over to the emacspeak/servers directory also?
>> >
>> > Sorry for all the confusion here but I guess this is all unchartered
>> > teritory for me.
>> >
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