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Re: switching server voice selection issue

Hi Raman,

I think I spotted the problem. In emacspeak-setup.el, you have the
following definition, which I think may be incorrect due to a
misplaced paren.

(defvar dtk-startup-hook nil)
(defun emacspeak-tts-startup-hook ()
  "Default hook function run after TTS is started."
  (dtk-set-rate tts-default-speech-rate t)
  (add-hook 'dtk-startup-hook 'emacspeak-tts-startup-hook))

I think that closing paren should be after dtk-interp-sync and not
after the call to add-hook, which I suspect should be a top level
definition to add the emacspeak-tts-startup-hook function to the

Making this change on my system seems to have fixed the issue of voice
defintions etc not being correctly reset when you change speech



On 6 March 2012 16:16, Tim Cross <tcross@une.edu.au> wrote:
> Hi Raman,
> there seems to be a problem in emacspeak with respect to changing speech
> servers. It looks like the voices definition being used does not get switched
> to match the new server selected.
> For example, if I start emacs with outloud and then do C-e d d and select
> espeak, the speech has all the outloud control codes in it. Likewise, if I
> start emacs with espeak as the initial speech server and then switch to
> outloud, I get all the SSML prosody markup that is used by espeak instead of
> the outloud voices with the viavoice control codes.
> I'll try an look at this if I get a chance tonight, but wanted to let you
> know. I'm running from a fresh checkout from googlecode from today.
> Tim
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Tim Cross

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