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Re: a few questions was Re: emacspeak and w3

Littlefield, Tyler <tyler@tysdomain.com> wrote:
> 2) I have a couple issues currently. I use a lot of setq and set
> commands in my .emacs configuration file. Is there a list of
> variables that would pertain to emacspeak and help me customize
> things a bit more?

You can use Emacs help to find these, e.g., C-h v with tab completion of the
variable name, C-h a to search, etc.

Make sure you know how to use the Emacs help functions to greatest effect.
> 3) Every time I close emacspeak, I get a message that processes are
> running. Can I disable this/make it force things to close like they
> should?

provides code for this which you can add to your init file.
> 4) Any other ideas would be welcome. Any pointers for getting
> started, info on what else I can do with emacspeak. I know people
> use it for mail and the like, but I have no idea where to even begin
> in terms of getting that going.

The documentation is the best place to start - C-h r from within Emacs, and
C-h i for the top-level info menu.

Beyond that, your favourite Web search engine will help you find useful
documentation. For example, it took me about a minute to find the page that I
referred to above; you could have performed the same search and found the
answer yourself if you were in the habit of looking. It's very important to
develop such skills in order to be an effective user of Linux/Unix/Emacs.
Knowing where to look can speed up the search sometimes - you'll get better at
it with experience.

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