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Re: multi-level undo & mode line questionns

How do I submit a emacspeak bug? Is it through Sourceforge? I'm logged in, but I can't find a submit button on the bug page. Could someone please send me a link?

I specificaly meant the buffer modified  status displayed as [*] on the mode line. Is there a way to get C-e m to speak its status?

On 19/05/12 03:44, Tim Cross wrote:
I cannot report this as a bug myself as I am running the dev version
of emacs. When running emacs-dev, it is common for issues like this -
either due to changes in emacs itself which are not yet stable or
because of changes in emacs for which emacspeak will need to be
updated. I don't have a version of emacs 23.4 (current stable
version), so cannot verify if this a 'real' emacspeak bug or not.

With respect to your question regarding speaking the command line, use
C-e m to speak the command line and C-e M to speak the active minor

More generally, I find the command C-h b and C-k very useful. The C-h
b command will list all the known key bindings in the current buffer
while C-h k will tell you what a current key sequence is bound to (if

Once yu know what function a key binding is bound to, you can use the
various other emacs help commands, such as C-h f to see the functions
documentation. Knowing how to use the built-in emas help is possibly
the most important first lesson. Getting to understand all the options
will save you lots of time an make the learning curve a little less
steep. Start with C-h ? to see all the help options and try them out.
In general there is a hierarchy, with short/brief descriptions
including enough detail to drill down deeper into more and more
details explanations. Initially, you will be drilling down a lot, but
eventually, you will just use the brief versions to jog memory or
verify things like arguments or prefix settings etc.



On 19 May 2012 02:46, Les Smithson <lsmithso@hare.demon.co.uk> wrote:

I have a couple of minor questions about emacspeak 36.0:

* multi-level undo doesn't seem  to work in emacspeak. Only the most recent
change is undone. Subsequent undo performs a redo.

* How can I get the mode line to announce the buffer write  status [*]?


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