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Re: resolved: compilation issues

lsmithso@hare.demon.co.uk <lsmithso@hare.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> But that's mot true in my case. I was a long time sighted emacs user, amd I
> never considered using vn or w3m. Maybe I'm an unusual case. 

> I agree this has nothing to do with emacspeak in particular. Its more to do
> with  being a new blind emacs user, to whom the first bit of advice would be
> to install emacspeak, then w3m, then vm etc.

Yes, or Notmuch, or emacs W3, or whatever you choose.

A page listing the Emacs extensions supported by Emacspeak should be helpful
to new users - perhaps a table with the name and a brief description, with
links, of course.

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