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RE: Adjusting Speech Rate emacspeak 36.0

Hello, David,

Try c-e d r <rate in words per minute> 


c-e d r
"Enter speech rate: "
"Speech rate set to 375 words per minute."

See if that works.  Are you experiencing any choppy speech or syllables
being hacked off of your words?  Last time I tried installing emacspeak on a
Ubuntu maching, I got this error.  In the past I've been able to correct it
by reinstalling e-speak from source and compiling against Pulse Audio.
However, there appears to be something wrong with the development files for
pulse on this version of Ubuntu.  E-speak is not finding some of the
libraries it needs or is calling them by different names.  Very frustrating.
I was about to try my hand at Speechd-el but your words are very

Alex M

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Subject: Adjusting Speech Rate emacspeak 36.0

Wonderful news!

I just installed emacspeak from the Ubuntu repositories, and it came up
playing music and speaking.  No additional work at all was required.

I then upgraded to emacspeak 36.0 and the only thing I had to do was go to
the speech servers folder and pick the correct linux-espeak folder, go
inside and type make.  I also typed sudo make install just to be sure!

I don't know how to confirm that I'm using the latest emacspeak as the
command emacspeak -v doesn't give me a version number, but I'm still happy.

One thing that I cannot do (yet) is change the speech rate for espeak.

I tried C-e d 1 and C-e d 5 and C-d r 9 to see if the speech rate changed
for espeak, but alas, it did not.  Emacspeak correctly announced "Speech
rate set to level" followed by the correct number, but nothing changed.

Do I have to save this or some how apply this setting somehow?

I installed the elisp library from www.tromey.com/elpa/install by copying
the appropriate section, putting it in the scratch butter and using the
evaluate keys which are C-j.

Unfortunately for some reason, when installing lisp libraries which require
compiling, emacs retrieves the files, configures and then compiles them, but

The good news is that when I kill emacs in another console (using Ubuntu)
emacspeak ends, and when I start it up, the installed lisp program works
correctly.  Obviously (so far) the compiling had been done but emacs /
emacspeak hangs up forever until it is killed, but the lisp program so far
has always worked.

The fact that emacspeak works when being downloaded by Ubuntu is a great
thing for those of us who are trying to progress by using this excellent
program.  Congratulations to all who had a part in this great event.

Would someone give me a URL or tell me how to adjust the speech rate when
using espeak with emacspeak?

If the problem is that I have to save the settings or apply the settings, 
would someone be so kind to tell me how to do this?

On a hunch, I just went to the configuration settings.  I checked to see 
if the warning about not being able to save the settings was there because 
I hadn't eliminated the -q in the /usr/bin/emacspeak file. It wasn't, so I 
can save.

I changed one setting, bad news.  emacspeak froze!

I guess there is a log file somewhere.  :-)

Thanks guys and gals!

David Ring
Green Harbor, MA USA


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