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Re: Adjusting Speech Rate emacspeak 36.0


Thank you - that works but unfortunately I could not understand the speech at the rate you gave me.

I put the speech rate to about 275 and then I could hear the terrible choppiness.

I do not know how to save this setting - not that I really want to.

espeak works and sounds well at the default setting although it is much slower than I am used to.

I usually use IBM TTS / Outloud which is available at http://voxin.oralux.net/get.php for EU 4.29 or USD 5.78.  A true bargain.

Some emacspeak readers will know that Alex Midence is a fellow member of the http://www.vinuxproject.org development team.  We have in the past provided fully configured emacspeak both in console and X windows in our releases.  Luke Yelavich another member is working on configuration scripts to make it easier for the beginning user to set up emacspeak and other console programs which are excellent for blind users to use.  This avoids the problem which some of us have run into:  How does a blind person install a talking system when the computer doesn't talk yet and he doesn't know what he doesn't know (as intended) about computers to even search for the answer!

I'm keeping this at the emacspeak default for espeak.

Unless, there is a patch for espeak use?

Best to all and thanks to Ale Midence.


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