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Re: emacspeak remote:getting started

It depends on what you need to do and the environments involved.

If all you need to do is edit some files on a remote machine, the
easiest solution is to setup ssh with keys and then just use tramp to
edit the remote file in your local emacs.

If you really need to run emacspeak and emacs on a remote host, there
are a few solutions. The one I use is fairly simple.

1. Setup ssh keys so that you can ssh to the remote host without
having to send a password each time.

2. Set up ssh keys to allow the remote host to ssh to your local
desktop without passwords.

Both of the above can be achieved using ssh-agent and keys with passphrases.

3. Create a simple shell script on the remote system such as


exec ssh ~/git/emacspeak/trunk/servers/outloud

which I've called 'home' and which I've added to the servers/.servers
file. This shell script has the IP address I am coming from and when
executed will cause the remote server to ssh back to my desktop and
run a local speech server.

I then simply ssh to the remote host, run ssh-agent /bin/bash to get a
shell which has the ssh-agent as the parent. Then run ssh-add to add
my key. I then start emacspeak on the remote machine. Once it is
started, I enter C-e d d and select 'home' as my speech server and
emacspeak starts speaking locally.

How well this works will depend on your connection. Mine is quite
stable and quite fast, so the speech is reliable and has no delays. It
would be quite easily to automate this more, but I've not bothered as
it is simple and quick. However, I do only use this when I must run
emacspeak remotes. Most of the time, for just editing files remotely,
I just use tramp.


On 25 August 2012 06:36, Littlefield, Tyler <tyler@tysdomain.com> wrote:
> Hello all:
> I had a quick question:
> I'm trying to set up emacs to run remotely. Do I just need to set up emacs
> as a remote server? Or do I set up emacspeak to run remotely. How do you
> guys handle editing over another server?
> If I have to set up emacspeak to run remotely, any tips would be welcome.
> --
> Take care,
> Ty
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