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Emacs/Emacspeak under android


So I've seen a few posts on this in the list archives. Basically I want
a way to access Linux under android, and it seems that will only be
possible with emacs and emacspeak.

I've used complete linux installer to run debian linux on my device. It
seems the way it works is by using the terminal emulator to ssh into the
actual linux machine. Since terminal emulator wasn't accessible with
talk back to me it seems kind of pointless. The only success I had
controlling the debian running on the phone was by ssh from my laptop
into the debian running on the phone. 

Great so Linux seems to work ok. However, from what I understand there
is no means to get audio working from debian. 

As I understand from list archives it appears that emacspeak must then
use the android tts to overcome this problem. 

So some questions:
1. Is using this method of running linux appropriate for eventually get
emacs/emacspeak to work?
2. What is now required to get emacspeak talking within that Linux? As I
understand I need the android emacspeak tts server - how to build/obtain
3. In general is the only way to access linux on android going to be
through emacspeak? Ideally I just wanted to have access to basic command
line Linux apps, so I presume that since we can't get audio from our
linux running on phone I'll just have to use emacs to run everything
using emacspeak, which is fine. 
4. Anyone know of an accessible terminal emulator, might make life

Thanks for any tips on this one. 


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