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Re: ems-interactive-p, a bug in call-interactively-p?

W dniu 2013-10-17 14:47, Dmitri Paduchikh pisze:
I think this is because ems-interactive-p is defined as defsubst. If you
run Emacspeak from the compiled files its definition gets substituted
inline and call-interactively-p is called in place. Otherwise
ems-interactive-p is called as an usual function and this call isn't
interactive, hence called-interactively-p is false.

Replacing (ems-interactive-p) directly with (call-interactively-p 'interactive) in emacspeak-forward-char fixes the issue. This confirms your statement. Thank you for pointing that out. I am an elisp beginner. This defsubst property is not mentioned in docs.

What do I do now? Any suggestions?


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