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bbdb-complete-name and multiple matches

It's possible that this is being caused by the advice on
bbdb-complete-name.  Easiest way to check: deactivate the advice
by doing the following:

M-x ad-deactivate RET
bbdb-complete-name RET

In general, this i show you can selectively disable specific
adviiiice bits to see if they are at fault.
>>>>> "lsmithso" == lsmithso  <lsmithso@hare.demon.co.uk> writes:
    lsmithso> Hi:
    lsmithso> I have a problem with bbdb-complete-name when it
    lsmithso> matches multiple addresses. After selecting a match
    lsmithso> from the completion buffer it gets truncated and
    lsmithso> inserted in the wrong place in the mail composition
    lsmithso> buffer, usually in the middle of the Subject:
    lsmithso> line. bbdb-complete-name works perfectly when there
    lsmithso> is only a single match.
    lsmithso> I see that bbdb-compete-name is advised by
    lsmithso> emacspeak, but I'm not at all convinced that is
    lsmithso> causing the problem. Has anyone else seen this
    lsmithso> problem?
    lsmithso> -- Les Smithson
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