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moving podcast feeds


I had customized emacspeak-rss-feeds to contain lots of podcasts.

Recently emacspeak has changed to use emacspeak-feeds instead and the
format is slightly different.

Here's how i migrated the podcasts in case it is useful to anyone:

First add a temporary defcustom near the start of .emacs and restart:
(defcustom emacspeak-rss-feeds nil "dummy feeds")

Then run this to transfer the feeds:
(dolist (feed emacspeak-rss-feeds) (emacspeak-feeds-add-feed (first feed) (second feed) 'rss))

Then run this:
(customize-variable 'emacspeak-rss-feeds)
and choose erase customization

Then remove the temporary defcustom from .emacs



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