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emacspeak-webspace-feed-reader problem, probably my setup

You shouldn't need to do any further setup --  it should render
via w3 or whatever other supported browser e.g. w3m.

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Rayner <peter.julien.rayner@gmail.com> writes:
    Peter> T. V. Raman writes:
    >> Definitely looks like an error being thrown from the
    >> xsltproc invocation.
    Peter> Indeed it was. The "problem" turned out to be in
    Peter> emacspeak-xslt-region. I use tcsh so the 2>& used to
    Peter> lose the errors from xsltproc was being mishandled by
    Peter> the shell in shell-command-on-region. Setting
    Peter> emacspeak-keep-xslt-errors to t works around
    Peter> this. I'll consider it proper punishment for using an
    Peter> uncivilized shell. If I get very keen I'll attempt a
    Peter> patch the construction of command based on the SHELL
    Peter> environment variable.
    Peter> I now get a list of headlines which is nice but get
    Peter> empty buffers when I hit return on any of them. I bet
    Peter> I'm still messing up some xslt processing. Should I be
    Peter> setting a transformation explicitly? thanks again
    Peter> Peter
    >> 1. Do you have xsltproc installed corectly? 2. Does
    >> opening RSS feeds work correctly e.g. does command
    >> emacspeak-webutils-rss-display display RSS feeds
    >> correctly?
    >> -- 
    >> Best Regards, --raman
    Peter> -- Support us in the OXFAM trailwalker as we try to
    Peter> walk 100km in 24
    Peter> hours. <https://trailwalker.oxfam.org.au/team/home/15596>
    Peter> Peter Rayner room 343 School of Earth Sciences,
    Peter> University of Melbourne, 3010, Vic, Australia tel:
    Peter> work: +61 (0)3 8344 9708; fax: +61 (0)3 8344 7761
    Peter> mobile +61 402 752 379, skype: petermorag mail-to:
    Peter> prayner@unimelb.edu.au

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