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Espeak voice mappings on emacspeak 40


I'd like to do something about the espeak voice mappings not working properly these days on Espeak. Can someone give me some guidance as to where I can find the files that contain these settings? There are quite a few variants these days for E-speak and there is no reason why the voice fonts which used to work can't be made to work again. Here is my current setup:

Emacspeak version 40
E-speak version
Pulse Audio 4.0
Ubuntu 14.04 64bit

to be clear, the behavior I am trying to correct is that Emacspeak currently makes no voice distinction between comments, links, bolded text, functions, classes, LaTeX code or anything at all really. Everythign is spoken by the same voice variant in the same pitch with the single exception of capitalization changing pitch when c-e d c is set to on. Going into the settings where voice personalities can be modified and changing voice families for certain ones did absolutely nothing. This is in spite of there being 7 male voices, 5 female voices, 4 klatt voices and 2 whispers installed and working on my machine.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Alex M

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