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Re: org-drill and Preparing code for inclusion in emacspeak

The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
that has been posted to gmane.emacs.emacspeak.general as well.

I've checked in emacspeak-org-drill into lisp/contrib for now.

I'll look at the code when I have more time, but here are some answers
to your other  more procedural questions.

1. LCD Archive Entry:

This is mostly legacy -- LCD is long dead, and today elpa does a much
better job of this. That said, the LCD entry does provide a  regularized
structure for encoding metadata about a module, so I would encourage
using it as it is used in the rest of the emacspeak package.

2. Copyright -- I'm not a lawyer -- but roughly -- the copyright should
align with the rest of Emacspeak for it to be included --
easiest would be to clone the headers from one of the emacspeak module
and modify appropriately -- e.g. change authorship etc.


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