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emacspeak build

Don't know if it's a success or failure yet.
I ran the emacspeak.git package on archlinux using yaourt last time and ran into the same error as before.
The emacspeak version here is 24.51.
So, I entered the emacspeak source directory down in /tmp/yaourt and did:
make clean; make config; make <enter>
and that much finished with warnings but no errors.
Next I typed make install <enter> and much happened. Exit with no error and I now have an entry under info emacspeak. I did all of these extra steps after the original package build failed rather than wiping out the /tmp/yaourt directory tree. I have espeak on this system running speakup and read the instructions for setting up a server in the Make file and didn't find any espeakup instructions.


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