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the point doesn't move when using read-buffer command

When I read big text files, I often want to use the extended read
current buffer command, which allows me to read from current point to
the end of the file (C-e,B then r).
When I encounter something in the text, which deserves more attention, I
want to stop reading the entire buffer and to start reading it in
smaller chunks.
The problem is that the point stays where the reading was started, so I
have difficulties finding the place where the last read text was (I have
to use the search command multiple times).
In this case, I would prefer the point to move along with the place
where I'm reading.
One problem would be if I want to return to the place where the reading
have began, but I could easyly solve this plasing the mark before
executing the read buffer command, or have it placed automatically (in
case you're willing to change this).

If there is another way to solve this, please share it with me, or point
me to the website or helpfile which contains this information - I
couldn't find it and I think it should be a common problem for someone
new to Emacspeak like me.

Best wishes,

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