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Elisp and function definitions

Hi again,

Recently I've noticed that when I view an elisp file emacspeak is
reading out the function signatures when I move over them.

Whilst this is at times helpful it hinders the reading of code when they
are constantly read.

For example when inside a multy line defun emacspeak appears to keep
reading the defun signature as I arrow down through the defun.

I've tried cutting out large parts of my init.el, removing all packages

The behaviour appears to happen with a straight load of only emacspeak.

I'm not sure if I've done something odd to cause this to start
happening, if it's a feature of emacspeak or something changed in emacs.

Can anyone enlighten me as to where it is comeing from?  I thought at
first it may have been company mode but I don't even have that installed
any more.

It's driving me nuts :).

Kind regards


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