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Emacspeak and unicode

I am trying to develop an SAPI-based Emacspeak server for Windows.
It is not ready yet, I only have something very basic to play with.
I would like to ask, how Emacspeak handles unicode characters?
If I am typing on keyboard national characters, Emacspeak speaks, for example, "latin small letter c with caron ". This is copied verbatim, I am logging all commands Emacspeak sends to my server for possible later analysis. The character description is correct, but my synth is able to handle the character as-is, I don't need a description. Even worse is that when I open any text file, national characters are pronounced like above i.e. "with caron" etc. Is this because Emacspeak is too "american-centric", or do I have a problem with various encodings?
I am using Emacs 24.5.1 and fairly fresh Emacspeak from Git.
Thank for any clarification.

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