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Re: Possible bug in customize

Hi Raman,

found the problem. 

The problem is with using paplay. If you set emacspeak-play-args to nil as suggested in the docs, start-process throws a wrong type argument - seems it expects all program args to be stringp. If you set emacspeak-play-args to an empty string i.e. "", then that works, but paplay throws a too many arguments error. 

My fix was very basic - test emacspeak-play-args and if it is not nil, call as normal. If it is nil, call without referencing emacpeak-play-args. 

I also found a minor issue with the defcustom for emacspeak-play-args. Because it is defined as having to be a string, you cannot actually set it to nil using the custom interface. I have fixed this by changing the definition for the defcustom to use a 'choice options, with one choice being string and the other const. 

I've committed my changes to my fork of the emacspeak repo on github. You should be able to do a pull merge. I also added a pull request to the issues, but I don't think your using that, but thought it might send you an email.

My repo is at http://github.com/theophilusx/emacspeak


On 21 August 2015 at 10:31, raman <raman@google.com> wrote:
Actually I just tried it on a whim and it does not crash for me.

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