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Re: Progress on soundblaster driver and comparison on dectalk versus doubletalk

Dave Hunt writes:
>Greg, I made no modifications to this DoubleTalk LT, just set the rate
>in Emacspeak.  Guess I'll run a time trial, as I've just "maxed" it
>out.  More on this to follow.

The DoubleTalk speaking rate commands accept only an index that ranges
from 0 to 9.  For most versions of the Emacspeak DoubleTalk driver,
the commanded rate in words per minute are mapped arbitrarily onto
this range.  Eventually I went to the trouble to measure the rate on a
DoubleTalk PC (internal).  For the text I used, an index of 0
corresponded to 100 wpm, and 9 corresponded to 239 wpm.  A DoubleTalk
LT may be different.  For all I know, different serial number devices
may be different too.  (Maybe recent models have faster CPU clocks?)

                                   - Jim Van Zandt

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