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Blinux CD-ROM is here! (fwd)

Hi emacspeak subscriber,

Blinux project which deals with blind support for Linux is proud 
to offer the Blinux CD-ROM, a daily up to date mirror of the
Blinux FTP site. 

This CD-ROM also contains a mirror of Mr. Raman's EMACSPEAK directory

Blinux CD-ROM is genuine hand made,  roasted piece by piece on a 
Linux box using cdrecord-1.6a9 software and a TEAC-R55S CD-ROM burner.
Prize of the Blinux CD-ROM is calculated to cover hardware costs and

For further info please read the forwarded announcement.
If there should be any questions, feel free to contact me. 


Hans Zoebelein             * You are interested in Linux blind support?
zocki@goldfish.cube.net    * Join the blinux mailing list and mail to:
 Check out Blinux Project: * blinux-list-request@redhat.com
 http://www.leb.net/blinux * with subject line: subscribe

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 03:29:16 +0100 (CET)
From: Hans Zoebelein <zocki@goldfish.cube.net>
To: blinux-announce@redhat.com
Subject: Blinux CD-ROM is here!

Hi Blinux subscriber,

the Blinux CD-ROM is here! 
Get the newest content of the Blinux FTP archive, which
at this moment a volume of over 500 mb of compressed binary 
archives and documentation.

What is Blinux CD-ROM?
Blinux CD-ROM is a genuine hand crafted, daily updated mirror of
the Blinux archive site. Piece by piece is roasted on high quality CD-Rs
on my brand news TEAC CD-Writer (Linux drivers available since this

Contents of Blinux CD-ROM
Blinux CD-ROM holds these archive files:

ABBOT speech recognition demo                           10.9 mb
Access-HOWTO                                             0.1 mb
DOS-to-Linux-HOWTO                                       0.1 mb
ALVA braille terminal drivers (incl. kernels)            11.9 mb
BRLTTY soft Braille terminal support                     0.1 mb
DECTALK Linux PC driver                                  0.1 mb
EARS speech recognition                                  0.1 mb
EMACSPEAK, compl. mirror of Raman's Cornell dirs         1.8 mb
  and blinux archives of EMACSPEAK                       4.5 mb
FESTIVAL speech system                                 203.5 mb 
LYNX Web browser (Linux and DOS)                        12.0 mb
MBROLA speech sythesizer                               281.7 mb
NBFBTRANS braille translator                             0.5 mb 
OGI speech tools                                         1.5 mb
RECNET speech recognition                                0.6 mb
SAYTIME speaking clock                                   0.1 mb
SCREADER screen reader                                   0.6 mb
Sound players (bplay, na_play, sox)                      0.4 mb
SPEAK text-to-speech server (SPO256-AL2 speech board)    0.1 mb
ULTRASONIX prototype screen reader for X windows         2.4 mb   
and more...

How much does the Blinux CD-ROM cost (yes, postage is INCLUDED!): 
Germany:   10 DM 
Europe:    70 Austrian Schillings,
          200 Belgian Francs,
            4 British Pound
           35 French Francs
        10000 Italian Lira 
USA:        7 US$ 
World:      7 US$

If I get stuff cheaper (CD-ROMS, envelopes) prices will go 
down further. If there should accumulate money, it will be
donated for software development touched by Blinux project.

How to pay?:  
Put the money as bank notes in an envelope between a leaf of
paper and send it to me.  
My address is: 

Hans Zoebelein 
c/o blinux cd-rom
Schellingstr. 63 
80799 Muenchen 

Don't forget to include your email and snail mail address.  
I'll email you as soon as money has arrived and the CD-ROM is
shipped to your snail mail address.

How is Blinux CD-ROM shipped?  
Blinux CD-ROM is shipped to non Europe addresses by airmail, 
to Europe addresses as normal mail. The CD-ROM is
put into a padded cardboard envelope without using a jewel box. 
This is done to stay below the 50gr weight limit and to pay
less postage costs.


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