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1. Doubletalk install 2. missing X file 3. DOS

I am having a few problems installing emacspeak and was wondering if 
anyone could give me some help or tips.

I am going to use the Doubletalk LT for my speech synthesizer.

My questions are:
1.  Where do I get the files for emacspeak that I need to get it working 
with the doubletalk LT?
2.  When I try to run emacs it says something about not being able to 
find libXaw.so.6.  I think this has to do with me not having X windows 
installed.  If I run emacs-19.34-no-x11 I think emacs is running OK.  
Emacspeak makefile is calling emacs, so should I edit the Makefile and 
replace amacs with emacs-19.34-no-x11?  Or what would be the correct or 
elegant way to get around or fix this?

3.  I have a question about running emacspeak under DOS or Windows 95.  
I read in the Emacspeak FAQ that there exists Emacs for DOS.  I haven't 
explored the sites and tried to install Emacs for DOS yet, but could 
anyone give me some feedback about how well emacs for DOS works and how 
well emacspeak works with emacs for DOS?  How well does it work for 
Windows 95?  Is it the same package that should be run under Windows 95, 
that is the DOS package?

On my question number one above about where the doubletalk LT files are, 
I read the emacspeak FAQ, and it says that I should install the 
emacspeak-dt package.  I have been searching for this package and not 
had any luck.  I have also searched the emacspeak mailing list archive 
and not found anything about how to install with the doubletalk LT.

Thanks very much in advance for any help you can provide.


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