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Silencing DecTalk -- More Info

I recently posted a message that described a situation while using
Emacspeak that the DecTalk would stop talking.  I've been able to
consistantly reproduce this problem.

A line ending with octal 4255 causes the DecTalk to die.  This character on
a line by itself doesn't cause any difficulties, but when present at the
end of a line of text causes the DecTalk to be forced into a state where
only a cold reset is able to restore speech.  I can even reboot into my DOS
or Windows screen reader and find the DecTalk responseless until I cycle
the power.

I'm using v4.2CD of the DecTalk ROM (that is the newest that seems to be
available on the net).


Bryan R. Smart
E-Mail: bsmart@pobox.com
Phone: (843) 953-2721, (843) 953-2571
WWW: http://aj.cs.cofc.edu/~bsmart

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