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Re: w3

wlestes@duvallp.uncg.edu writes:

> the rpm lists
> Packager    : Natarajan Krishnaswami <nxk3@po.cwru.edu>
> as packager.
> The CVS folks have a nice scheme for doing this:
> a bare bones spec file with some autoconf-like things in it and a make
> spec target.
> Thus when you get CVS, you just untar, configure, make spec and then
> build the rpm. Worth looking into. Will volunteer if no one else does to
> make this work for w3.

  all of the emacs/w3 sources are already in CVS - if you want to try and
hack it into shape, let me know and I can tar up the CVS tree for you - its 
about 4 megs, but should compress down really nicely (~900k). :)

-Bill P.

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