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Re: view-process-mode

   I have been trying to get [view-process-mode] to work, with little
   success. ...

`view-process-mode' is provided by the `hm--view-process-2.4.tar.gz'
package.  It works fine for me in Emacs 19.34 and seems to work OK in
Emacs 20.2 (I just tested it in 20.2 for the first time).

Whenever I boot my machine and start X windows, I start an Emacs owned
by root (that I call `Monitor') that includes the following expression
in its init file:


This starts view-process-mode.  I keep this instance of Emacs
iconified most of the time, but use it to look at and signal processes
whenever necessary.

Here is info about the package:

Description:    An Elisp Package For Viewing Processes With The XEmacs/Emacs19.
		The output of ps is inserted in an emacs buffer. One can easy
		send signals to one or more processes and sort and filter the
		output. A description of the output is also provided.

Author:         muenkel@tnt.uni-hannover.de (Heiko Muenkel)

Primary-site:   ftp.tnt.uni-hannover.de /data/ftp/pub/editors/xemacs/contrib
                38kB hm--view-process-2.4.tar.gz

Alternate-site: sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/apps/editors/emacs 

Here is what I put in my ~/.emacs, /root/.twmrc, and
/root/.root-monitor.el files:

This is in my .emacs file and is for interactive use of 
the `view-processes' command:

;;; Different interface to `ps';   M-x view-processes
;; 7 July 1997

(setq load-path (cons "/usr/local/src/view-process-mode" load-path))

(autoload 'view-processes "view-process-mode"
  "Prints a list with processes in the buffer `view-process-buffer-name'.
It calls the function `view-process-status' with default switches.
As the default switches on BSD like systems the value of the variable
`view-process-status-command-switches-bsd' is used. 
On System V like systems the value of the variable
`view-process-status-command-switches-system-v' is used.
IF the optional argument REMOTE-HOST is given, then the command will
be executed on the REMOTE-HOST. If an prefix arg is given, then the 
function asks for the name of the remote host."

This is also in my .emacs file; it is for when I create an instance of
Emacs using the TWM menu.  It names the new instance of Emacs
`Monitor' and loads the `.root-monitor.el' file:

(if (equal "<Monitor>" (cdr (assoc 'name (frame-parameters))))
      (cd "/root")
      (load "/root/.root-monitor.el")
       "... setting up Monitor Second Frame ... Emacs Version %s ready... "
               (substring (emacs-version) 10 17))))

This is in my .twmrc file and is the menu item for starting an
instance of Emacs called `Monitor' that among other things runs

"<Monitor>"	!"emacs -fn 6x13 -bg darkblue -fg grey90 -geometry 80x46+512+110 -name '<Monitor>' &"

Here are the contents of my `/root/.root-monitor.el' file:

(other-frame 1)
(live-find-file "/var/log/smail/logfile")
(live-find-file "/var/log/messages")
(pop-to-buffer "logfile")
(cd "/root")

Best wishes.


    Robert J. Chassell           bob@rattlesnake.com
    Rattlesnake Enterprises      http://www.rattlesnake.com

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