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Reading articles in GNUS

In Gnus's summary buffer, I'll hit right arrow to display the current article.  Emacspeak will anounce the article that appears in the buffer, but it won't speak the entire text of the article.

I seem to remember that Emacspeak is configurable to skip regions (such as quoted text), but the skipped text isn't always quoted.  Quoted lines that are prefixed with a ">" will be skipped, but sometimes Emacspeak will only read the first block of text in the article buffer.

I looked at the Emacspeak info page for Gnus, but didn't see any variables to tweak that would modify Emacs's operation in Gnus.

Should I be using Gnus in another way?  I'm thinking of Raman's recent remarks about Rmail and how he uses it not matching the method of another user who was having problems with Emacspeak.

Bryan R. Smart
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