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Accent card... why so vague?

Hey all.

I've just spent the last hour or two browsing www.altavista.com pages
that make any reference to the accent SA box... wow... talk about vagueness.

I've also seen mention from several people on here to the effect of:

   " Theoretically it would be possible to support the Accent box ...
     we would just need to use their escape sequences ... "

Well... I have an Accent SA box sitting right here... I have somebody in
mind who would find emacspeak useful... (he's blind :-) ) and I at least
used to know how to write elisp code.

My problem: The box is like 4 or 5 years old, any books that came with it
got lost somewhere along the way... Until now it has been used by
ibm's screen reader and has worked fine, but it is relatively useless
since OS/2 isn't really the OS of choice for a programmer. Now we got linux
set up here... got a new PC computer... like it alot... we even got a
Papenmeier braille display on under the keyboard... But... no software.

We're going to have to work on writing a linux driver, or at least tty
watcher that will update the braille display, but text would be cool too.

Enough background. What I'm looking for: An existing emacspeak driver for
the accent box, or if somebody can find a list of the escape sequences
that operatore the accent box I'd really appreciate it.

Oh btw. I've managed to get the Accent box to accept input by writing
to /dev/cua1 (linux) when the baud is set to 1200 (kinda slow...) But
there must be some kind of "<FLUSH>" sequence that needs to be sent
because the box doesn't start talking till about 2 seconds after the
line is sent to it.



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