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We are trying to get up a Speech-system based on a simple Soundcard

Festival has a "diphone" interface and a text interface - you can
feed in text and get phonemes which you can direct into a wave

We've compared mbrola and festival phoneme/text to speech quality and
found mbrola be superior.

Emacsspeak provides in contrast to festival a better Emacs

To be able to have a nice speech output out of Emacs we (probably?) need
to combine the three tools. We need to find out how we can interface
either festival(text-interface) or directly mbrola(phoneme-interface) to

- What does emacsspeak exactly generate?
- How and through which functions can emacsspeak be interfaced?
- Has anybody tried to interface emacsspeak with a soundcard or mbrola or
  festival and provide us with some hints?

Thans in advance ;-)

Oli, *t

             Tomas Pospisek - Freelance: Linuxing, Networking
         www.SPIN.ch - Internet Services in Graubuenden/Switzerland

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