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dtk server bug?


  I previously sent a question that emacspeak doesn't speak on my
  working solaris 2.6 system, and messages `process speaker not running'.
The problem is solved today.
I'm editing this message on console of the sparcstation.
It is the first experience for me.
Thanks Mr. Raman and other developpers.

  I must submit a report of bug(?) of dtk-exp server program.
It assumes that solaris 2.x system returns `SunOS5.x' by uname
But mine and some machines arround me returns only `SunOS' that
dtk-exp server thinks my machine SunOS4.
It would not be so lare case.
Setting the environment variable `DTK_OS' to solaris solves the
problem, but it would be better to correct the dtk-exp script to use
uname -a command.
It returns 
SunOS hostname 5.6 Generic_105181-03 sun4u sparc

I have not enough knowledge to correct dtk-exp script, so please check

Thanks again to the developpers.


                              Koichi Inoue, Ricoh co. ltd.
                              e-mail: kinoue@ic.rdc.ricoh.co.jp

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