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port of dtk-exp to windows?

I was trying to port Ramans "dtk-exp" driver to Windows 95. A version of TCLX is available at
The biggest problem seems to be that the "select" call is not available for Windows.  I am not really experienced with TCL programming, but I think I understand the consept of what this is doing.  I wonder if anyone has a suggestion on a work-arround.
I am not sure if a polling aproach would work?
In Windows it also seems that a file handle to a com port can't be opened the way the "dtk-exp" driver is doing it.
I changed the (read) and (write) file handles to something called port_handle.
I added this code to the switch statement for the machine type.
windows {
        if {[info exists env(DTK_PORT)] } {
            set port $env(DTK_PORT)
        } else {
            set port com1
      set dectalk_globals(port_handle)  [open $port RDWR]
# make tclx find the round routine
auto_load round
If anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate hereing them.

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