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Emacspeak-ss 0.5 odities with a doubletalk

Hi, I've noticed odities with the doubletalk server, but I'm not sure if it
is my fault, my setup or problem between chair and keyboard.
Here we go:

When I use w3, all text is said in the same voice. this is version
w3 4.0pre23, and the buffer says it's in w3-mode. I thought that the headings
and the links should have been in a different voice, at least that's what I
heard on my friend's Dectalk.

TCL and C mode work just fine, and the voices change for different aspects
of the program code however, if you cursor down too fast the synth/server
gets stuck in the wrong personality and takes a bit to get it right. I wonder
if there is a way of "You should be in this personality" or a reset squence.

While running the calendar I noticed the following odd behaviour,
Open the calendar, hit questionmark. cursor down through the info document
Notice that the voices don't change on the node titles etc. Hit e. You get
a message box stating "editing info documents is not enabled" or somesuch.
Now the voices change without a problem.

Software: Emacs 20.2, emacspeak 8.0, emacspeak-ss 0.5 tclx7.6.
Regards, Kerry.

Kerry Hoath:
kerry@gotss.ml.org or khoath@bitbox.tamtafe.nsw.edu.au

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