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Re: W3 advice


I'm using emacspeak 8.0 with emacs 20.3 and emacs-w3-4.0pre.23.

> I need some instructions on acquiring W3 capability.
> I do not appear to have this command in my emacs, which is version 19.31.
> My emacspeak version is 8.0.

The latest version of emacs-w3 can be get from
The location contains the latest beta version of emacs-w3 4.0.
It needs emacs 20.x or later.
It is said to work on emacs 19.3x with custom package separately
The Custom package is also get from the same directory with emacs-W3.
Please read the INSTALL file in the emacs-w3 distribution carefully.


                              Koichi Inoue, Ricoh co. ltd.
                              e-mail: kinoue@ic.rdc.ricoh.co.jp

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