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Ctrl-h characters rlogin mode

Currently, in rlogin-mode, the commands I enter are echoed, so I get two
copies of the command.  The second copy of the command (unless it's a one or
two word command) often contains a bunch of Ctrl-h characters.  When
Emacspeak starts reading one of these echoed lines, it reads every Ctrl-h
character, and I cannot get it to stop until the entire line is read.  If
it's a long line, I might be waiting a minute or two.  Is there anything I
can do to get the DecTalk to stop reading this line?  Even better can I
eliminate the Ctrl-h characters in the echoed input or get rid of the echoed
input altogether?

These last few options have nothing to do with Emacspeak obviously.  I've
tried changing the setting of `comint-process-echoes', but this keeps the
echoed input with the Ctrl-h characters while removing the line I actually
typed in.  I'm still looking into how to have Emacs ignore this echoed input,
maybe using the `comint-last-input-start' variable, but I haven't found
anything, and I don't have the time at present to do any ELISP programming.
If anyone knows of anything ....

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