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FW: FW: w3 rpm

There should be a w3 rpm soon on the redhat ftp site (see the message
I also tweaked the spec file and   I build a new rpm and it indeed works
with emacs  20.3.  

> ----------
> From: 	nxk3@k2.scl.cwru.edu[SMTP:nxk3@k2.scl.cwru.edu]
> Reply To: 	nxk3@po.cwru.edu
> Sent: 	Monday, October 19, 1998 11:33 AM
> To: 	gj8285@exmail.usma.army.mil
> Subject: 	Re: FW: w3 rpm
> Hi,
> After getting your message, I made one.  I've uploaded it to redhat's
> incoming dir, so it should be in the contrib dir, and the mirrors, in
> a day or so.  NBote that I didn't have a chance to see if it
> works. :-)
> Fortunately, the RPM only needed minor tweaking (chanigng the version
> number and source file name) to work.  I added a line to require emacs
> >=20.3, but I think I may have forgotten the =, so if it doesn't
> install, just make it ignore the dependencies. 
> HTH,
> N.
> > Dear  Natarajan Krishnaswami 
> > Do you have an rpm for the latest beta of w3 that works with emacs 20.3?
> > Thanks,
> > John Morgan

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