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emacspeak-9.0 and tcl server problems

What you spotted is a consequence of my updating which_os
and which_port in the 9.0 release,
and the updated version as you saw ignore the environment
I'll roll that back in the next release, for now just edit
the dtk-exp as you have done.
>>>>> "wlestes" == wlestes  <wlestes@wlestes.uncg.edu> writes:

    wlestes> When running dtk-exp from emacspeak-9.0, the
    wlestes> settings of DTK_OS and DTK_PORT are being
    wlestes> ignored. the offending `proc's seem to be
    wlestes> which_port and which_os (i think that's what
    wlestes> it's called (right before which_port). I can
    wlestes> enter statements like:

    wlestes> if {[info exists env(DTK_OS)]}...

    wlestes> from `tcl' and get correct results, but when
    wlestes> such statements are in procs, they seem to
    wlestes> fail. i'm running tcl{,x} etc. 8.0.2 (stock
    wlestes> redhat 5.1 rpms). any ideas?

    wlestes> The effect of this is to force me to have to
    wlestes> edit dtk-exp as i run the dectalk off of
    wlestes> /dev/ttyS1. If i do this, it works just fine.

    wlestes> --will

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