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Re: free software speech?

On Sun, 6 Dec 1998, Greg E. Priest-Dorman wrote:

> Under Linux there is a small device you can build for the parallel
> port instead of a hardware card at all, but my understang is that its
> sound and speech quality, while good for the $20 or so of parts
> required to build it, is not clean enough for those of us who would be
> relying on it as a primary output device.  I have not heard it speak
> but know of somone using festival through it.

You'll probably be able to get a sound card for $20 with reasonable
sound quality (soundblaster clones), so you won't need to build devices
yourself. Be aware though that the installation with SB clones might be 
tricky. The quality of the output - at least with freespeach and even
more with mbrola is good.

> Lastly if you are going to use software text-to-speech macke sure you
> have a fast enough machine.  In hardware text-to-speech the processing
> of the speech is done on the board, with software text-to-speech it
> happen in your processor.

Yes, a recent Pentium with a few RAM bars in it should suffice though.


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