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emacspeak and tcl

I was wondering how easy would it be to speech enable tcl scripts via
the dtk-exp driver. Would it be as simple as using the tcl send
command to communicate with the dectalk express driver and if so, how
do I find out what format to use for the text I want spoken?

I work part-time as a sys admin for a medium sized ISP. Many of the
admin scripts/programs used on the system are written in tcl. It would
be quite useful if some of these scripts were speech enabled so that I
could run them easily outside of emacs and emacspeak. In some cases,
even my sighted co-workers would benefit from some of the admin
scripts being speech enabled (notification info, warnings etc). 

I know I could probably work all this out by going through the
emacspeak code and analysing it in more detail. However, I figure if I
can get some guidance from others on the list it would speed things up
and perhapse prevent me from learning the hard way  by doing it
incorrectly first etc. Perhapse someone has already done something
similar? Any advice would be appreciated. 


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