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Some Advice

I'd like to ask for some advice/suggestion from this list on how to
deal with postscript files. In my research, I need to be able to
access postscript files. I have been using ps2ascii to convert the
files to text and then read them in an emacs buffer with
emacspeak. However, my reasearch involves logic and lambda calculus
and I find ps2ascii doesn't know how to deal with "special" symbols
often found in mathematics etc. 

Has anyone else had to overcome this sort of problem and if so, what
did they do? Where possible, I've been contacting the authors and
getting the papers in tex/latex source which is a reasonable
solution. However, this is not always possible. I need some way of
translating formulae in postscript files to an ascii format which I
can read using emacspeak. Any suggestions?


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